"We’re mean with words. And we’ll cuss out anybody. But we don’t shoot people. Or stab them."

Sherman AlexieWhat You Pawn I Will Redeem (458)

"If you think about fear, then you’ll be afraid."

Sherman AlexieWhat You Pawn I Will Redeem (457)

"I loved the smell of ocean water. Salt always smells like memory."

Sherman AlexieWhat You Pawn I Will Redeem (443)

"I didn’t break hearts into pieces overnight. I broke them slowly and carefully. I didn’t set any land speed record running out the door. Piece by piece, I disappeared. And I’ve been disappearing every since."

Sherman AlexieWhat You Pawn I Will Redeem (438)

"You break somebody’s heart two hundred years ago, and it’s like this chain reaction, man."

Sherman AlexieThe Search Engine (406)

"But I exist, she shouted to the world, and my very existence disproves what my conquerors cannot be contradicted, I must not exist."

Sherman AlexieThe Search Engine (402)

"For her, each great book was the Holy Bible, and each great author was a prophet."

Sherman AlexieThe Search Engine (400)

"Just because I quit writing doesn’t mean I quit reading."

Sherman AlexieThe Search Engine (396)

"She wasn’t searching for a nomad who had disappeared into the wilds. She found a man who had stayed in one place and slowly become invisible."

Sherman AlexieThe Search Engine (393)

"I mean, I love books, but shoot, most of the world’s wisdom is not contained in books."

Sherman AlexieThe Search Engine (382)